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Summer Land

by Matthew Batham 4 months ago in nature poetry

A poem by Matthew Batham

Summer Land
Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash

A memory lingers somewhere that’s warm

A time tucked away, but still close at hand

If I pause and breathe the scent of cut lawn

I’m back there again in my summer land


It’s not a pertinent point in my past

A definitive memory held dear

But a dream-like recollection that lasts

Of playing till dusk beneath skies so clear


In truth these skies were likely smeared with cloud

Pale grass trodden flat into bog-like clay

Not a magic haven where birds sang loud

But childhood summers form one perfect day


I cling to this now as I get older

And my summer days grow short and colder

nature poetry

Matthew Batham

I love to write. I’ve written children’s novels, books for young adults, loads of horror and quirky stories which have found homes in magazines and on websites in the UK and in the States. Here a link to my latest fantasy novella.

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Matthew Batham
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