Summer Is a State of Mind 2.0

The Moment #4

Summer Is a State of Mind 2.0

Summer is a state of mind

the world revolves on Human Kind

find a season to your rhyme

that's suitable and soothes your mind.

My life has been a wavy line

something's never quite been mine

the balance that was overdue

is coming right back home to you.

Suppose it's come and gone but then

who are all your real friends

they are the ones that stuck to you

because they know that you've been true.

I need a home and family

that thought has always been in me

I guess I know I do belong

my mind can't have always been wrong.

How does it work?
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Zachary Boulanger

Zachary Boulanger is a Canadian musician currently based out of Halifax Nova Scotia. He studies music at Dalhousie University. Zach's debut EP and album are set to be released in early 2020. 

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