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Summer Activities Ed. 1

by Frida Ramos They/her 2 months ago in inspirational
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Fair in the summer

Summer Activities Ed. 1
Photo by Katherine Auguste on Unsplash

Early morning

Lines to get in

Smiling faces

Buy tickets

First thing on list


Walk around

Petting zoo

Feed the pigs

Pet the llamas

Wash your hands

Go play games

Fingers crossed

Pretty please

Sun in my eyes

Face glistening

I swing my arm

Throw a ball

Missed the pin

Laugh it off

Sweets for brunch

Funnel cakes

Fried Twinkies

Cotton candy?


Fairy floss

Jump in line

Get on rides

Feeling queasy

Walk around


Find a grill

More Lines

Turkey leg!

Hot dogs

Messy ribs

Fried frog legs

The music is loud

Large crowds

Feeling burnt

Need to rest

Find a table

Entertainment stage

Hula dancers

Kids sing


Sun sets

Neon lights


Buy some drinks

Change of scene

Find a stage

Cover bands

Try the games one more time

Get a win

Extra large


Closing time

Search for car

Goodbye fair

See you next year.


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Frida Ramos They/her

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