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Heavy hearted

In the moment of how’s?

Previously repetitive questions of “why me”

Brought in light

In the knowing of now why

To curious of how?

Or even to say when?

Silently in solitude

Solitary shown subr*patience*

A feeling of the calling

In ways that are

Not perceived of what if

For excuses of if or but

Just be


The key has arrived

Do you choose to take?

Enter this path?

Are you in the full knowing?

Sit still


Allowing wandering minds

Not overthinking

This is truth

For what is be still

For what could be


In this moment

Feeling of fully knowing

Gratitude is from guidance

As wisdom of wise

Your words are true

As the light shines within

Your eyes will lead the way

And the way will be with you

~ Winnie

From a space in time of repeating the same questions of “why me, why me, why me?”

To finding myself taking a new path and a new direction.

Changes do happen.

Be patient

In the knowing that for each day or each moment. Count each blessing that is shared with you, for this is the joy in life and the light that shines in your eyes.

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