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Subject to Truth

by Willow Rakiah Creager 15 days ago in social commentary · updated 10 days ago

A poem

Subject to Truth
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Oceans ablaze

In your manipulative gaze.

You speak as if it's true.

But I'm not subject to you.

Arise, little spies,

And retrievers gilded gold,

Show me what I see.

Make her subject to me.

But Earth was here before,

And she'll be here after.

You do not decide

In such a short span of time

What is, what was,

What'll always be.

With bias so twisted,

It can be called a sickness,

How did you survive

All these years so awry?

You can tell more lies.

I'm not subject to you.

I have nothing left to prove.

Reality will defeat you.

social commentary

Willow Rakiah Creager

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Willow Rakiah Creager
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