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Stubbled threw stars 🤩

by Blake Robert 2 months ago in inspirational / advice
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Looking up threw shine

Threw the glare of the light that shines apron the flag at half staff

To the sights of a clouded but grazed remembrance of half

The day and age it came about to see thing's in your own image

To stopping and thanking the men and women that did the scrimmage

So face the ups and downs threw the doubt and proceedings of the wrong and right and in-between

Looking forward I still see the days that where ever lasting as a teen

For being out late at night to just sitting there starring at the gloomy moon light

To shrugging off the things that did not settle right

We all have are good days and are bad

Remanence about the things we should of kept and had

To some missing or wishing they still had there mom around or dad

To blocking out horrendous dreams and nightmares we saw as a young lad

We wish ippon a star that shined bright threw the measures of incite

To determine what we will face or back down from that's eating away at us like a termite

With hope and energy we can progress each day and create are own happiness

Instead of buckling down in a world with no bliss

To leading to a date then a first kiss

Whatever road you go down just make sure you stay true to urself

Be the smiles and lasting image of a portrait printed picture covered over glass on the shelf

Mentally we face obstacles and frustration in different strides to get where we are going

We all started somewhere its the hope to get to where were showing

Progress on and off the battlefield of the mind

And taking one small step for all mankind

Our vision can be proceeded with visionary beliefs

But we all must face griefs

Its to overcome them and learn to sparkle like a firework

Boom baybe! as people watch and lerk

Set your emotions aside and ride the tide of shifting waves

Be the one that steps up but dose not miss behave

Classy is always thought to be sassy but threw are eyes its placement

To achieve what we want to be carved into stone like engravement

So while we partake in the mission to see what's truly are purpose and what was Are's

Keep striving and moving and stumbling threw the stars

Sincerely Blake Robert


About the author

Blake Robert

Hey!!! Avid poetry writer! Have a book coming soon called Pennies of the fall be sure to check it out you can find me on twitch.tv for anything from gaming to poetry to IRL stuff at cyko.tv or https://www.twitch.tv/cykobroski

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