Stressed and Depressed


Stressed and Depressed

Stressed and depressed. And you may not see this, that I am not reaching out for help.

I am screaming but thing is these walls are thick and my doors are locked, my ceiling will not cave in, due to worries that I will escape, and I am not in the proper mental state to really actually care about this when and where type of shit. So I am sorry to anyone who actually tries to help I feel like I am just broken beyond repair, I am broken so I just sit there.

Stressed and depressed. I am dreaming. Dreaming of a place and time that happiness will walk up to me and finally shake my hand again, "Welcome, please... Do come in" with open arms and wide smiles.

As for now, I do all I can... It tears me down and as cliché as I may say I get back up again.

Stressed and depressed. A lifelong test, a test I fear I will fail. A test I feel I have taken over and over again maybe I just need a better teacher, maybe I need a better leader, maybe I need to clear my head proper, maybe I need to lay in bed longer? Though if I do so I might as well not get back up because the funds for a better teacher are really not enough but, please oh please I really need her.

I cannot stay this way in pain as such as the pain I feel, it's so surreal.

The bubbles on this answer sheet are too small, no too blurry? Oh no, I'm going to fail again I better scurry.

I'm out teacher, I cannot do this any longer. I'm dropping out this class, I'm tired of reminiscing my past.

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Kay Williams
Kay Williams
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