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Storms Will Pass

Sometimes, when storms pass through our lives the only thing to do is ride it out.

By Caroline-StoryGirlCAPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

Like a sailing ship on the wide-open sea,

Storms will pass with Grace and Ease.

Winds blow,

Waves crash against my hull,

Shaken to the core,

My soul so moved,

I know there is nothing to prove.

Like a ship sailing on the wide-open sea,

Steadfast I sail, strong winds soon blow with ease.

I remain firm in my beliefs all day long,

There’s no need to declare who’s right or who’s wrong.

A bright horizon lies up ahead if only I could clear the thoughts in my head.

Storms will pass with Grace and Ease,

My ship sails on, steadfast and strong.

A storm will come another day,

with hissing winds and crashing waves.

My ship sails on...


About the Creator


Hi there! I’m a fiction writer. Written all my life. Want to inspire if I can. Living on a guest horse ranch in Baja California, Mexico. Married to a Mexican Cowboy!

Website: carolineaguiarauthor.com

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