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Storm Winds and Following Seas

you will return safely

By Elsa Michaela | @surfthoughtPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

Let them,

(decisions and dreams)

heave and pitch.

Seasick as sailboats,

Listing worryingly in swallowing seas

shuddering off the hailstone spray

As the wave falls helpless away

Unbalanced by the pounding

living, breathing entities

You cut between them

Galloping shoulder to shoulder

Until out of wind, when,

Breathless-still, caught for days,

motionless on sky strewn seas

I dare you to sail

And to will it,

that your boat stays seaworthy

The seven oceans await

Its easy to be frightened, easy to give in

Better to sail out into miles of empty ocean anyway,

Eyes on the horizon

What more can you learn from those still places you grew up in

You are steady

only for yourself

A Captain stitching the miles of sail

hands on

Sick of those who would say always;

‘you cannot drink the sea’

And those who were certain of how salt can only heal

You know many who speak of things they do not know with certainty

And confused you watch as each ship

Keeps its sails even under anvil clouds

The harbour walls lined for their return

Is it safe to retrieve a drowning hand

From hungry wolfen waves?

With breath returned,

will he up and awake (?),

dutifully set the rigging and lend his skill

Or, certain only of his charts,

as if all these years were God sent

That you somehow did not endure the night watch,

but instead slept

Will he pull down your maps (?),

setting course, falling fast to command

What strength was anyway yours alone

Keep your storm, and following sea

It’s temper craves acceptance

You are proof enough

You were made to head into the wind

Let them sail only at your side

If they know your ship like you do

She is named well


About the Creator

Elsa Michaela | @surfthought

When you hear a song

One that stops you in your tracks

That seems spoken from your own mind

Do you listen and listen again?

Follow its streams until a tide,

Inside you

Rushes to fill in the small hollow parts

…Yeah, me too

INSTA - @surfthought

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