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Storm In My Ocean

by Kathryn Donaldson 3 months ago in love poems
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The perfect storm

Storm in my ocean...

There’s a storm in my ocean of love for you....it transforms like when the sky turns the ocean blue...

It rocks me - it rolls me it covers me from head to toe, as I sink deeper & deeper in it’s ebbs & flows...

Your waves caused a commotion in my ocean so big Bursting through the highest roof - so vividly with purity I couldn’t hide from the truth ...

Too far gone from the safety of the shore… yet as ur waves crashed I wanted - no, I needed you more & more...

Drowning in this watery grave while splashes crash over me though I don’t wanna be saved...

You caused a storm in my ocean of love - Blessed, uniquely pure & hand delivered from above. ❤️

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Kathryn Donaldson

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