Stop to listen


Stop to listen
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Have you really listened

to the sounds of the world?

Various places, different sounds,

It really astounds.

Cars rushing by, busy streets,

1,000’s talking,

While their walking.

Trains on the tracks,

Whistling at speed

People in a hurry

always in need.

Wind rustling the tree’s

Hear the buzzing,

That’s the bees.

Sounds of phones ringing

While I’m trying to do


Chimes of the church bell

Or water splashing

In well.

Croaking of frogs,

Hustling of crickets,

They go for hours

Not minutes.

Sound of boats

Staying afloat,

Laughter of children,

In a town, home, or pavilion.

Sound of the sea

Crashing the shore,

Now it’s time to go

And explore.

nature poetry
Janelle barker
Janelle barker
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