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Stop Living in the Past

The time is now

By Melissa SteussyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
Stop Living in the Past
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Stop living in the past.

Seriously, the present is where it’s at.

Stop obsessing about the future while life is passing you by.

The time is not back then or up there, it is now.

We don’t need to think of all the I should have’s and I wish I would have, what's done is done, but what are we going to do with it?

It does us no good to sit in regret.

It does us no good to conjure up feelings of shame.

Being in the moment now for many of us is hard. It challenges us to live in our body, to feel our feelings, to connect within.

Many of us want to live distracted, we want to hurry up through this life by accelerating through the tough stuff. We want to escape through our highs and lows. We want to fantasize about how things could be different, we want the grass to be greener and we want what the Jones’s have.

Some of us crave less mundane lives.

Some of us wish we could slow down.

We want our kids to be little again and at times can’t wait till they are grown.

The future is inevitable and seems daunting.

We future trip and worry about what’s to come.

We want to control our lives, but the pressure causes us to disengage, little by little until we are no longer present. We are running on the next sugar high and dopamine crash.

Our moods are based on our current external circumstances.

We forget we can go within.

We forget this world will try to trick us with something shiny around the next bend or the next swipe of our newest I-phone.

Guess what? It’s a facade. All that time spent scrolling while others are out there living their lives and making experiences. We are being duped. Our best lives are being taken over by a screen. Our best parenting years we are too busy making videos for likes and forgetting to look our children in the eye.

Our kids need us more than ever. This can’t be the generation that was too stuck on devices to see the other side. To see our lives. To see our families. To see nature. To connect to the divine.

We must wake up.

The present moment is now.

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