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For All The Lost

By Sara LarcaPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Photo taken by Author.

T​he trees are deep and crooked;
The sunlight starts to drip.

H​er thoughts are warped and tangled;
Vines strangle from within.

S​ like a precious gem;
Beaten -
Trained -

Marked with answers to questions no one knew to ask...

D​ like an afterthought:

W​rapped in white;
A pure deception.

H​er strengths entwined with stillness.

S​he lays and waits;
A moment...
A lifetime.

T​he words cannot penetrate
Until she is ready
To let the ink sing.

S​he sees her chance
She steals the moment
And she begins to run.

S​he walks upon a sheet of darkness;
Her feet struggle on the Earth

O​n a leaf she stops to think;
On a branch she weeps.

T​he water ripples away from her
An irony in the wind
Black from the night sky
A mirror of her heart.

S​he tries to scream;
A madness to release...
But all that's heard is silence.

Her words are trapped
A quiet echo;
Floating on the clouds.

S​he knows salvation's out there;
Though her memories are fading fast.

h​is voice is growing louder
Her legs alone react.

The million eyes that watch her;
Stay hidden in the night.

H​er clothes are ripped;
Her face is streaked
The tears have long dried up.

S​he fights for every single step
He's coming up behind her

H​er innocence he wants to take
She'll give it after death

A​ll she wants is freedom back
And the moments that he's stolen.

T​his is an OUTRAGEOUS number... we need to do better. Hug your kids, and keep them safe. This poem is dedicated to the children who have been ...

T​hank you, as always, for reading. Do you know anyone who's been abducted? Does your heart break like mine the second you receive an Amber Alert? What can we do to stop this atrocious cycle??

(Previously published on Medium)

Copyright © 2022 by Sara . All Rights Reserved

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Sara Larca

Just trying to thrive in life one story, photo, and drawing at a time!

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