Still I Sit Waiting!

by Brodie Cotton about a year ago in inspirational

Self awareness is the key

Still I Sit Waiting!

My extreme pain burns

Sitting idle as the world turns

Kids age, another turned page

And yet I still sit, waiting

A brain unsteady,

Holding a weight so heavy

Forced by a constant unbalance

Held to an unfortunate circumstance

And yet I still sit waiting

Unable to move and feeling paralyzed

Depression seen deeply in the soul,

through the windows of the eyes

Dreaming of a great escape

And yet I still sit, waiting

A promise of a better tomorrow fades

Storms of fear embraced by waves of sorrow

And yet still I sit, in the shade of today....

Waiting for a better tomorrow!

Brodie Cotton
Brodie Cotton
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Brodie Cotton

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