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Starry nights 🌟

by Ren about a month ago in sad poetry
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Dreams of the navy blue sky.

Starry nights 🌟
Photo by Blair Fraser on Unsplash

I dream of this navy blue sky full of bright stars.

Maybe it’s because where I’m from I don’t really see that many stars as I used to as a kid .

As a kid I saw so many starry nights.

I envy of my kid self .

I wish to see that again in my adult life.

Maybe I need to move .

Even if I move , will I be able to get my starry night ? Or will it be a blurry mess.

Blurred from my own tears ….

The tears dropped and made a trail .

A trail that I followed.

Showed me a way of what I really am .

What I want in my life .

And the more I follow this trail the more I see the starry nights I’ve once used to see .

sad poetry

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