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Eat the Light

By Janet WiggintonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Blades of her hair flew as thirsty grass

Billowing out from a mind of earth rich

A soul that thirsts for light and suffers in the winter

While the sun sleeps for a bit.

She leans into the stars for a drink

Knowing that she can find light in her beings

But dares not to take theirs even at the offer

For it is so hard to come by these days

And if they have found theirs

Far be it from her to take any.

So she relies on her Universe

But unsatisfied with a patient slow drip from the moon

She wanders the winter a mad girl

Aspiring to feed on a fallen star itself

To meet it before it lands and consume it whole

So that the winter doesn't consume her first.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Janet Wigginton

A friend once told me that I was blessed with the curse of having too much to say. I've always had a desire to inspire. Whether failure, pain, success or celebration, I believe that the experiences we have are valuable tools for learning.

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