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Star Crossed

by River Gilliam 12 months ago in heartbreak
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When the Sky Falls in Love With the Sea, Our Love Will Finally Last

Photo by Rene Carlos

Tell me there has not been

Someone else like me, for you

Tell me your love for her

Does not amount to all that I was

Tell me you aren’t just searching for

A shallow glimpse of what could’ve been

In the eyes of another lover

Tell me that

As your crisp fingertips

Run down the curve of her crooked spine Your sea-salt sweat

Doesn’t glisten above your upper lip

As you remember the taste of my tongue Dancing with yours

And ask me

What reverence do I find in him

That could possibly amount

To all that was you?

Please ask me, how many winters

And warm summer nights must pass by

Before we’ve finally proven

We are no longer in love?

Ask me, how many more chance meetings And lonely Moons must cross us

Before we finally accept our fate?

Maybe the world doesn’t have to end

For the sky and sea to meet

Maybe the Sun and Moon are destiny

Maybe just like you and me,

Their eclipse was always inevitable

Tell me, when will we finally accept

That we were always meant to be


About the author

River Gilliam

My dad always said he knew I was going to be a poet because I was crying before I had even completely left the womb. It’s always been my dream to get published someday.

She/her. Cosmetologist. Writer. Vegan. Dog mom.

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