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by Giancarlo Cento 4 years ago in sad poetry
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A Sad Poem

Dark skies and brisk, cold rain,

A man walks out to ponder his pain,

Naked, wearing nothing but shame,

Cops stop the man, he must be insane,

“Why are you walking naked down the street lane?”

Rain rolls down the mans back into the sewage drain,

The man replies, “I have nothing to claim.”

“No family, woman, nothing is the same.”

“What is your name sir?” one of the cops asked,

Clearly not wanting this confrontation to last,

“Spyder.” the man said back with a cough,

“I’m heartbroken, just trying to walk this shit off.”

“I understand that you’re upset.” a cop said almost sympathetic,

“But don’t you think walking outside naked looks pathetic?”

“To who?” exploded Spyder. “Society?!”

“Such thing doesn’t exist anymore to me!”

“We were born naked on this planet that we breathe.”

“No society means no more women cheating on me!”

“Because it wouldn’t be a thing and not an imaginary violation.”

“There would be no such thing as a law abiding nation.”

The cop who spoke last gave a look of question then turned to the other two,

“Guys, I’ll take care of this one and meet you back at the station when I’m through.”

The other two agreed and went on their way,

“Spyder.” the cop said. “What else do you have to say?”

Spyder’s angry eyes looked up at the cop,

He knew he shouldn’t rant but he just could not stop,

Spyder ranted and ranted till he began to start panting,

The cop’s face looked as if he had made a conclusion from Spyder’s ranting,

“I’ve been hurt too.” the cop began,

“I’ve been hurt and have felt like less than a man.”

“Last week I found out the love of my life was having an affair.”

“Ever since I’ve been feeling like this world isn’t fair.”

“For many years I’ve been so honest to her and so good.”

“I did all I could to treat her like a husband should.”

“I made it a goal to tell her she’s beautiful at least once a day.”

“But it was genuine cause her beauty truly did blow me away.”

“But I guess all the kind gestures and honesty got old pretty fast.”

“I guess it’s true that nice guys finish last.”

“She met a guy at her job whose handsome and brash.”

“Soon afterwards they started to smash.”

“The dude treats her like shit but she doesn’t care.”

“An asshole is exciting but a nice guy is too bare.”

With that the cop stopped and looked down at the ground,

Spyder could tell the cop’s happiness was nowhere to be found,

The cop then ripped off his badge and took off his shirt,

Then took off his belt and threw pants down at the dirt,

Next off with his boxers, shoes, and hat,

Now naked and feeling so depressed from their chat,

The two naked men then proceeded to Spyder’s sad stroll,

Two nice guys with each a broken heart and a defeated soul

sad poetry

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Giancarlo Cento

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