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A poem in appreciation

By Rachel DeemingPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

I went for a stroll in Spring; inspired

By light, the burgeoning blue, and fired

By the emerging glow of the sun.

Its welcome warm presence had begun

The dances of heads, flowers of trumpet,

The show of daring green, strong, and set

As buds, popping up like plump pimples

Transforming the surface of brown spindles

with the promise of richness, suggestion

of colour, inching, the progression

minute by day, becoming tangible;

stretching, reaching: noticeable.

Activity everywhere around -

Bobbing birds and their darting;

Declaration of vigour restarting

After lethargy, stillness and grey:

Pink blossom flounces take this away;

The conducting of bees in industry

Erratic weaving purposefully.

Stealthy scent approaches, then retreats;

A waft of sweetness unknown that meets

Me, surprising. I breathe in deeply,

But it has left. It will approach meekly

Again, at some point, a perfumed seeking

Out to tantalise and please when greeting

My sense of smell. But now I will revel

In all that surrounds me, the "ness of well"

In exposed skin, rescued from sleevery,

The knitted chain constraints of weavery

And notice coloured pockets that sprout

newness; fresh, optimistic, coming out

With shy boldness. So much, there is, delight

In the sights, bathed in power, in Spring's new light!

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Rachel Deeming

Mum, blogger, crafter, reviewer, writer, traveller: I love to write and I am not limited by form. Here, you will find stories, articles, opinion pieces, poems, all of which reflect me: who I am, what I love, what I feel, how I view things.

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  • Donna Fox (HKB)4 months ago

    Wow Rachel, well that was just a bomb for spring time imagery and sensory pleasure! Beautifully written!!

  • Jazzy 8 months ago

    And this FELT like spring, New and fresh

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