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Spring into Summer

by Heidi Shepherd 4 months ago in nature poetry
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Missing the Lazy Days of Summer

Spring Into Summer

I yearn…

My body yearns

For the first really warm day of spring.

To feel the gentle caresses of the sun

Lavishly covering my flesh with kisses.

My body yearns

For warm tender breezes to play with my hair

Licking erotic trails upon my neck.

I yearn…

For flora and fauna, that spring brings.

Vibrant splashes of color, flowers paint upon

Green lush of the garden.

My eyes yearn…

To look above and see

Shiny bright faces of the sunflowers

Gazing enduringly down upon me.

My ears yearn…

To hear the delicately vulnerable flutes

Of the loyal birds Spring brings back to us.

Of the chatter between crow and blackbirds

My heart yearns…

For the chubby little butts of the fuzzy bumblebees

Sticking out of flowers like Pooh in his honey pot

Or when they buzz so diligently and happily from

Smelly fragrant pollinator buds.

My soul yearns…

For the lazy hot days of summer

For the stillness of the day

When you can hear the wings of the hummingbird

Floating from flower to flower.

When the day brings lazy dogs

And lazy lounging tan legs

That dangle over the arm of a chair

For the cool taste of ice tea

And laughter and shouts

And babies crying, and fans blowing.

Of sprinklers spraying and all the kids playing.

Yes, even I, can now frankly say

I miss the days of spring that settle into summer.

nature poetry

About the author

Heidi Shepherd

I believe in the importance of writing about one's true life experiences. I also find value in the fact that one can teach through fiction. I enjoy writing about topics that evoke emotion, imagination, and adventure. Enjoy!

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