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Spring Gusto

by Sherri Cummins 3 months ago in nature poetry

Heart's Renewal

Ballerinas in pink with swollen chiffon

dance around the blood moon

raindrops falling on a tin roof

sunflowers south of France

little women with broom sweep chimneys

pale, purple, fragrant fields

children play

morning till night

winter's cold heart,

warming with sun's dewy light

as geese fly over frost laden ponds

the earth's gusto in spring

when the first frost is lifted

from flora

under the cold hard ground

bursts forth a vine

bring out the wine

celebrate rebirth,

renewal, regrowth, renewal

as seasons change

my heart warms up like

the sun on an early spring morning

I breath in with exuberance, exhale

perpetual gusto

nature poetry

Sherri Cummins

All gifts/tips are greatly appreciated! I have been writing poems and short stories since childhood.

[email protected]

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Sherri Cummins
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