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Spotless Mind

by Sam Eliza Green 3 months ago in sad poetry · updated 3 months ago

a poem

Take me out

of my mind.

I’ll leave behind

unloved memories.

Help me escape

the reigning pain

in my brain

but carefully

because I doubt

we would survive

another swan-dive

into psychology

of this grave

fearing maid, who

denies the truth

of mortality.

Purge the sprout

of ruthless dread

from my head

like cavities.

Gouge and scrape

the hate away.

Keep at bay

my dismality.

Through the drought

of salvaged hope,

wield your rope

of sympathy.

Try to save

this woeful soul,

fill my holes

of insecurity.

Tell me about

days when you

were able to

live freely.

Help me tape

the cracks in

my broken disposition,

and eventually,

I’ll sleep without

needing to be

drunk. Hold me

but carefully

because I crave

closeness, but I

know nothing outside

of solitary.

Take me out

of my lonesome.

Take me home,

so we

can finally escape

this heartache binding

my cluttered mind

and unloved memories.

sad poetry

Sam Eliza Green

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Sam Eliza Green
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