Spoken Word

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Late Night Poetry

Spoken Word

Lying awake deep in thought as the air flows freely through my hair and Vivian Green plays in the background.

I contemplate the meaning of life and reminisce about the days when everything made sense.

As Aaliyah 4 page letter comes on I can hear the rain dropping and the winds howling as I lie awake deep in thought.

One late response later of "Hey I hope you had a great day," finally received a reply while I silently let out a sigh and ask myself why am I so smitten with this guy.

Is it his deep monotone voice or is his deep mind?

All I know is he's so amazing and fine.

But then I suddenly awaken from my fantasy of him when I see that time has gotten away.

I mean it was 11 when he text me and now it's going on 3. Man, I really need to get some sleep.

I look at the TV that's now looking at me, thinking is this what I've subjected myself to, so in awe with the idea of a man that I ignore the truth.

After being deep in thought I snap out of my daze as emotional rollercoaster comes to an end and fades in the background it is now quiet not a sound.

I feel myself drifting off to sleep and after hours of overthinking I fall asleep with ease. Poetic Justice has signed off!

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