"Spoken Word"

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"Spoken Word"

Drip, drop, drip, drop went the rain as it cries tears of my pain. I can hear echoes of him calling my name. Our love is still burned in my brain. He feels me up and at one point he would build up. Then I heard rumors of infidelity, people constantly telling me he's bad news, be cautious of the choices you make and the person you choose.

In this game of love you either win or lose. I can't bear to play the fool so I decided to change the rules. My heart is up for keeps, but off limits to you. You screwed me, mistreated and used me. See usually I retaliate, but I refuse to infuse love with hate. It's better if I get away then stay and continue to be tolerated by someone who constantly is unappreciative of me, then has the nerve to berate me and humiliate me. I am woman hear me roar, I am no longer a notch in your belt, so remove me from your games of lust and take down my score.

I'm locking you out of my heart and you can't have the key cause I changed the locks to my emotional door. I didn't need you to fly I got ambition so without I'll still soar and when others watch or criticize I'll still keep doing me and rise to the top.

I refuse to stop, I loved you, you lust me. I gave you trust, and loyalty. You took me for granted, ruined my fairy tale so much for enchanted. No more I'm sorry or second chances. Love has no guarantee and for me your warranty has expired.

I hate to say it, but I have to do, what I have to do. So sorry, but you're fired. You're inconsiderate and I don't like how you're acting not to offend, but in order for me to transcend into the women I am destined to be, I must cut my ties before you ruin me. They say if you love it set it free and if it comes back well I pray you never return to me. Damn it feels good to set you free and even better to know I found me...!

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