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by Alfiya Laxmidhar 6 months ago in surreal poetry
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My favorite pattern

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

I center

Point a finger up high,

Point another toward my feet

I expand my arms

My circumference becomes a ring of fire

Feet spin on the same point as the center of Jupiter

What ascends comes from here

What descends comes from here

Drift out and catch as many fish as you like

But do it for love not greed


Give me your palm

I can read the lines of sorrows and tomorrows

The same lines here are etched on your concerned face

The same lines are etched when you smile


Ribbons swirl like a little girl’s fantasy

Circling like a raven’s eye on the prey

Fanning like a queen’s faithful servant who just lost a child

Falling like the tower of Babel


Extend your hand with white petals of peace

Let them fall as they gently graze the heads of dreamers


See the pure water that runs into openings

It drops into welcomed pockets,

becoming part of the vessel.

Offering the carriers a well of infinite truths.

surreal poetry

About the author

Alfiya Laxmidhar

Love words and their origin. Like poetry. Rumi is my favorite.

Thank you for stopping by.

Facebook: Alfiya Re Lax

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