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by RN Manchester about a month ago in sad poetry
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A near-death experience.

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Sun and sky

Then black pavement

Spinning around

In amazement

Seeing my life

Flash before me

Childhood friends

No more will I see

Years go by

It’s mind-bending

Saying goodbye

Death is calling

Time stands still

Thoughts recalling

I had a good life

Sad it’s ending

Ready to die

But now I’m falling

Waking on ground

People come running

Body broken

But I will be mending.

Saying a prayer

Survived it okay

Thank you, God

For my life today

Lesson learned

Always look both ways.

Life is short

Grateful for another day.

The experience of getting broad-sided on a motorcycle in my youth. Milliseconds stretched to minutes spinning through the air. Probably the closest I’ve ever come to death. I believed my life was over. It was a very peaceful feeling.

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I write mostly short stories and some poetry. Pretty much any genre, though I lean toward science fiction, fantasy and horror. I try to publish at least once a week.

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