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Spilled Milk

by KB 18 days ago in social commentary · updated 18 days ago

Crying over the little things.

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They tell me not to cry over spilled milk

But what if I want to,

What if I want to cry over something insignificant

So I won't have to face the real reason

Why I'm crying.


They tell me not to cry over spilled milk

But what if it's not the milk?

Shouldn't you know by now that

It's not the milk? Why don't you ask me

Why I'm crying.


I tell myself not to cry over spilled milk

Because that's what I'm conditioned to do.

I tell this to myself,

Not acknowledging the real reason

Why I'm crying.


I'm crying because it is no longer

Just Spilled Milk

When it used to be so.


I'm crying because I mourn the little girl

Who's biggest worry was the mess

That others would help her clean up.


I wish I could cry loudly like her

Over something as insubstantial as

Spilled Milk.

And the caricatures in my head

Would soon become be quiet.


I can't change what's already been done.

Isn't that a good enough reason to cry?


So I will cry over spilled milk.

I just will.

Even when they tell me not to.

social commentary


A snippet of life. Some real, some not. Thanks for reading!


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