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Speaking out

by Andrew Walters 3 months ago in sad poetry

Are you listening

Speaking out
Photo by Bernard on Unsplash

Why does it hurt so bad

Why do I feel so sad

Everything that’s happened to me

How can you not even see

What it is that I’ve faced

It feels like I’m being replaced

There’s no way that you don’t know

I’ve talked to you so slow

Kind of like you don’t care

It’s a feeling that I can’t bare

What is it that I did to you

With all that we’ve been through

It’s like you’ve just stopped trying

It hurts so much that I’m crying

But you’ve made your choice

Now let me have a voice

I’m not talking about a cartoon

More like I’m trying to give a clue

I'm not a ghost

So don't act like I'm not there

The way you act around me

It's not even fair

sad poetry
Andrew Walters
Andrew Walters
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Andrew Walters
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