Herein lies the essence of everything


Speak, oh Wild One! 

Express your heart.

Be inspired by the wildfires which transpire

from the declaration of your deepest desires,

for these are the magnifiers required to take you higher.

Refrain from quelling your truth.

Hide no more behind the mask,

But bask in the entirety of you.

In the giddiness of your laughter.

In the destructiveness of your anger.

In the tenderness of your care.

Stand tall in all that you are.

In the beauty of your bliss.

In the violence of your grief.

In the stillness of your wisdom.

Dance to the chaos of your being! 

You see, herein lies the essence of everything,

of all that is, and all that will ever be.

It is solely through this synergy of energy,

through the liberty of expressing the inwardly

the world will be set free.

How can another connect with a soul unexpressed? 

With one suppressed and obsessed with the concept of its image?

Bereft of rest and refusing to undress and profess its depths.

No, under such repress hearts cannot coalesce.

Love cannot be found where secrets are hidden.

So speak oh Wild One! 

Cheer, shout, and stammer,

You are the creation and the creator.

Whisper, murmur, and sing,

You are the queen and the king!

performance poetry
Jara Dekker
Jara Dekker
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Jara Dekker

A being of movementIn mind, body and soul.Consistently learning,Consistently looking,To take this stoic heartAnd experience allIn a feeble attemptTo appease its curiosity.

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