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by Holly D 2 months ago in social commentary
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Louder than words.

Speak now or forever

be seen as meek

Constantly stuck on replay

of what you really wanted to say

Always feeling inferior

self-confidence is weak

My introspection creates questions like;

Where would these

words take my feet?

Would my heart continue to beat

should I decide NOT to "hold my peace"?

What could happen? Well,

The big mouths will

just keep yappin'

Loving the sound

of their chattin'

Has no one listened to Charlie Chaplin?

A man of few words who

spoke through action

Showing that words

are distractions

Hiding truth {in captions}

a trap for reactions

Talk is cheap, there's more

ways to speak than speech

The truth is never heard but scene

in the silence of actions

Allow your feet to

follow your heartbeat

Be in the moment and

forever be at peace

Always, Holly.

social commentary

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Holly D

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