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Sorry Not Sorry

by Ecarg Nosive 11 months ago in heartbreak

The sky is no longer starry

I’m not sorry for loving you too hard

I’m not sorry for lifting my guard

I’m not sorry for trying to hide you from harm

I am sorry that that’s what had you alarmed

I am sorry you acted like not enough in my arms

I am sorry you still have things to learn

Our last conversation left me concerned

But I’m not sorry for loving me more

I am sorry that you still have you to explore

One day you’ll get what you deserve

Right now, that is not me

Maybe one day, eventually

I’m sorry, but hear me out please

I’m not sorry if I reminisce

I am sorry I had to end the relationship

I’m not sorry that I forgive

I am sorry that our hearts had to dismiss what they felt because of the cards you were dealt

I’m wish I could help

But that’s something you have to do yourself

And I’ll be there as a friend

I never wanted us to end

But I can no longer pretend that you never comprehended what I needed most

All I did was listen to you, all I did was boast

But it is what it is I guess

Or at least that’s what I’ll tell this mess in my head

I’m sorry if you ever felt misled

I’m not sorry I gave you the chance to do what you said

I’m sorry and I’m not

But I’m tired of feeling lost

And as much as I’ll think about what could be

I’ll think of what shouldn’t be

I’ll love you from a distance, quietly

Even if you’re right next to me


Ecarg Nosive

I'm a 25 year old writer from Ohio trying to make my passion, my career. Besides writing I enjoy animals, nature, and concerts.

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