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Sorry Math, I dislike you

A sonnet

By Diani AlvarengaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Sorry Math, I dislike you
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Spending more time on my Facebook

Watching videos and memes of pure comedy

Sorry, I am unable to focus on this textbook

I want nothing to do with geometry

I go to tik-tok and YouTube to comprehend

Okay, I think I am getting the hang of it

Ugh, never-mind, I cannot pretend

Dark clouds over me, many struggles, I admit

Seriously, I want nothing to do with equations

I have no choice, it is a requirement

Having to come is without a doubt a frustration

I cannot create an excitement

But it’s not that boring

It’s just all about repeating

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About the Creator

Diani Alvarenga

I love to write and share my stories with others! Writing is what gives me peace.

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Comments (37)

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  • Lucinda Cook2 months ago

    Resonates with me, check out my story here, When and Why does 0+0=3+0?

  • Jay V2 months ago

    Anyone interested in romcom or love fiction..... this is worth a try https://vocal.media/fiction/phoenix-and-albatross-a-tale-of-two-wings-y0jigr0zfc

  • cruddymoose2 months ago

    good poem

  • cruddymoose2 months ago


  • Burn Book2 months ago

    May I suggest congregating in the village square and burning all the math textbooks for some arson-adjacent fun?

  • Rachel Rose2 months ago

    I didn't have Facebook or TikTok to distract me from math when I was young 🥹

  • Kendall Defoe2 months ago

    I have read your poem multiple times...and I completely agree with your central theme. I hated math, and I hated the ones who told me I would like it if I just concentrated on it even more than any assignment I was ever given (many long years of hate and headaches in too many classes). Well said and well done! ;)

  • Mark Graham2 months ago

    I guess Math is just one of those subjects one likes or hates to a degree.

  • Amen!! Hearted and subscribed

  • Austin Baraka2 months ago

    Dealing with numbers ain't my thing, was never good in math😅 made me hate school even more😂😂

  • Chua Yuan Heng2 months ago

    You must find out what Maths are being used for then you will come to love it. It is used in computer programming, programming complex stuffs like AI and game physics. It is also used in many other fields, probably things like launching a rocket into space.

  • Daniel Jeyaraman2 months ago

    You are not alone, Diani. I don't like Maths either. 🤣

  • Tiffany Gordon 2 months ago

    👍🏾 Geometry and I are not friends either! lol Congrats on your TOP STORY!

  • Apollo Derülo2 months ago

    nicely worded

  • bikash kumar2 months ago

    hello ma'am please share me about how many earning every month this platform

  • Heather Hubler2 months ago

    Great work and congratulations on Top Story!!

  • C. H. Richard2 months ago

    Great job and congratulations on your top story!

  • Totally agreed, math is my worst nightmare lol

  • Brenton F2 months ago

    heart felt and spot on!

  • Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Hazel Rymell 2 months ago

    I liked this, well done!

  • Hello all! Thank you for your comments! I am in shock! ❤️

  • Mary Haynes2 months ago

    In the words of Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live, “It was my understanding there would be no math!” I concur with that statement and your poem! Good job.

  • Allie Bickerton2 months ago

    A sonnet!! How daring. I loved relating to this piece. Congrats on your Top Story!! 💕

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