Sonnet Three...

by Kylee Cheyanne 8 months ago in love poems


Sonnet Three...


When your eyes look into mine, I don't know how to feel

It's the way that you make me smile that causes my heart to race

There's no doubt about it, my heart was for you to steal

And now my heart doesn't know where to settle and pace.

You cause all my thoughts to slowly crash and burn

All these walls turn against my being, constricting me how to breathe

There are so many things I still have yet to earn

But yet, you tell me that I'm everything you need.

As these moments pass by with each day

You're all that's been on my never ending mind

Causing me to hunt down the words to say

I just need you to give me an answer to put us back align.

For you, and only you, have made me feel this

And for this, this is my endless abyss.


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Kylee Cheyanne
Kylee Cheyanne
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