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Song of Life

by Leslie Perkel 5 months ago in inspirational

The unheard song

Song of Life

I sang, but you weren’t there,

I called, but you didn’t come.

I offered you my finest gift,

My voice, my heart, and all my love.

You never took the time to see,

The person that I really am,

To hear the songs within my soul.

To see the light within.

I sang of loss, of joy and pain.

Of beauty and of fleeting fame.

I sang my own true song of love,

And still you never came.

But others came to listen,

With open hearts and ears.

For them I sang the sweetest songs.

That purest hearts can hear.

Today I sing a new song,

A song not yet complete.

With eyes that look ahead

The future I will meet.

I’ll write the music of my life,

Of loss, of joy, of pain.

Then my soulful songs of beauty

Ere I’m gone shall yet remain.


Leslie Perkel

Hi there! Let me introduce myself. I am a singer/bard/writer/philosopher and a constant learner. I am excited about sharing some of my work with others and enjoying the creativity of my fellow artists, writers and musicians.

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Leslie Perkel
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