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Song in the Dark

by Emily Dickerson 2 months ago in love poems
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A poem inspired by the Song of Solomon by ED 6/21/22

Song in the Dark
Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

Even as I pine for a love unknown

I wrap up and hide in the thickest of cloaks

Shame and doubt drip down my nose

And clog my airways, everyone knows

Afraid of His gaze, on my tears I choke

Repeating the lies like prayers, now rote

Weeds of self-hatred and rancor have grown

In my soul where once delight was sown

Then like a candle’s flickering flame

A gentle voice calls out my name

Sheds light on lies, tears apart the frame

Of the treasured unbeliefs, demons made their game

To destroy me from the inside, to perjure and maim

So the Voice takes form, a solid shape

He cuts out the weeds, throws out the shame

And tells me humanity is not to blame

The patient Hands my cloak remove

My aching wounds His balm does soothe

His arms the castle, His wings the roof

For my mind and soul, the surest truths

Are sure my heart to rend and move

The test of time does always prove

The wisdom of ages will trump sweet youth

The love of no other fulfulls, forsooth

I give up the ghost of myself, which so long

Did haunt me and sound the mourning gong

My tears into dancing and wailing to song

Have become the proclivities that make me strong

The Voice of my Lover makes sorrow gone

The candle is sunlight, bringing the dawn

I listen no more to rote lies, they’re wrong

My Lover tells me in His arms I belong.

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About the author

Emily Dickerson

Hopeful and young, full of love. From my heart high praises are sung. For this reason I am here: to love and serve and bring all souls near. <3

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