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Sometimes not Forever

by Khalida Parveen 5 months ago in social commentary


Sometimes not Forever
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"Sometimes not forever"

There are times I feel sad

I feel lonely I feel bad

And I feel sorry I feel ugly

I feel dumb or I feel mad

There are times I'm a good girl

There are times I wish to be bad

But it makes me crazy

And makes me go mad

There are times I look around

And I just wonder why

Why do I look so ugly

Yet I'm being all shy

Sometimes I wonder

And I get upset over my stupidity

How people are able to easily trick me

Use or abuse me and make me call myself a pity

Sometimes I feel drown

Sometimes I get lost

Sometimes I overthink stuff

And think about bad memories which are covered in dust

Some days I feel pretty

Some days like a potato I feel

Searching for a little bit of a beauty in me

Trying to be an optimist, trying to heal

Yet some days people appear in beautiful colors

And make me question why I'm so simple

Wish I has green or blue eyes

Or at least had a small pimple

Sometimes I feel wanted

Sometimes I feel loved

Sometimes I feel hated

Ignoring that my family love me and are proud

Sometimes I'm quiet

Sometimes I'm noisy

I might think this place is uncomfortable

I might think it's cozzy

People come and go in my life

Leaving behind ugly memories and scars

Sometimes it bothers me at nights

And makes me to wish upon stars

Sometimes my bestie is in touch

Sometimes she's busy with her life

When she's not around I get upset and overthink

And think about stabbing the people who've hurt me with a knife

Sometimes I wish to talk to her

She makes me feel so much better

Sometimes I get paranoid and think she wants our friendship to be over

Some days I write poems

Some days I don't

Some days I wonder if bad feelings and thoughts will last forever

But deep down I know that it won't

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