Sometimes I Hate Myself

I give up

Sometimes I Hate Myself
Photo by Ivan Oboleninov from Pexels

I hate my indecision

The skin in my belly

My overeating.

That my hair falls out a bit too much

That I procrastinate.

I hate that my thighs don’t look like those of a model

That I’m not drop-dead gorgeous.

That I don’t know how to be wealthy.

I don’t just dislike these things about me.

I hate

I hate

I hate them.

I hate that I cannot shake this feeling

That I’m not confident enough

Strong enough.

I want to look at myself in the mirror and smile

And feel proud

Despite myself.


I let the poison of hate curse through me

Do its thing.


I give up.


I'll close my eyes, I'll look within

I'll search for the antidote

Chances are, I’ll just find me.

And that’s ok.

That’s ok.

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Gabriela Rosales
Gabriela Rosales
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