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Something That Makes You Feel Alive

by Alexandra Authement 5 months ago in sad poetry

When mundanity is all that's left.

We were kids

Taking sips of dark beer behind giggles

Because it made us feel tall.

Eyes wide in flickering light

Begging to cross a line.

Our hands were the mothers of invention

We never found their limitations

We challenged them with glass bottles and cheap cigars.

We let secrets out slowly like a dripping faucet

Baring our souls to one another drop by drop

Until we were overflowing and all-knowing.

We no longer hold a pretense of modest shame

Now we find new lines to cross

New ways to feel tall.

But I wonder if soon there won't be any giggles behind wide eyes

Soon we will find the limitations

Soon we will be as tall as we can be.

Now we drink dark beer because it's familiar

And because we aren't kids anymore.

sad poetry

Alexandra Authement

Welcome! I've been writing as a hobby all my life and am interested in sharing my work with a wider audience. Here you'll find poetry, fiction, and short memoirs about my experience growing up in fundamentalist Christianity.

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Alexandra Authement
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