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Someone I Used to Know

Become again

By Amy ChristiePublished about a month ago 1 min read

Someone who used to smile,

share twinkles,

starry smiles,

a will to love,

and keep joy safe,

a way to find forgotten hearts



sad no more

after hugs,

that someone waves me back

dare I come and hold hands

have I moved past

what I once was,

can I become again

love, happy ever after,

can wishes stay on shoulder

never to run again

here for lifetimes

or this second,

I know not where I've been,

I lost the road back home,

and still,

I know there is one star

that remembers my name.


Our song

stayed buried for a while,

I hear it now again,

I follow where words lead,

I will not stray again,

I miss my old self,

and that laughter

that could move mountains

in a wink

take apart sadness,

start once more,

loving wild chance,

dreaming without regret,

I risk a gaze,

I hold this grace

in lands of heart.


Where did I step

and how did shadows

come to reign,

I did not fear desert

I looked for bridge

and sunrise,

lost my way

in sunset

after twilit sky

stopped whispering

of love,

I felt forlorn, undone,

I carried on, I stayed,

I walked, became an island,

in sailing through a storm,

I took all burdens,

locked my soul,

far above sunny laughter

and the wish

to love

and be loved back

to sing with moonshine

ever after.


I wanted to hold on,

let go,

laughter did not abandon,

soul found a way

out of crossroad,

doubt left my garden,

and this peace

descends in waves of sunny tears,

covers memories

with blue smile,

if I was hurt before, I tried,

if I was wrong,

I said goodbye,

if I hold on,

I know I've found the one

to carry my love

to our home

in song that starts

tomorrow's hopes.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Originally published on NewsBreak

Photo credit: Pexels


About the Creator

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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