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Some Day Lily

by Brenda Mahler 5 months ago in inspirational

A poem for someone I never met

Photo by A Perry on Unsplash

I read a Facebook post from a stranger named Lily. Her strife following a stroke spoke to my heart, as my own daughter, Kari, had a stroke at 33. I wrote this poem for her.

A violent storm dispersed her petals

Stealing the color that defined her beauty

Waving as they scattered

Leaving her no chance to say good-bye

Standing fixed she retained her leaves

Until the change in season stole the sun

The frost burnt the edges and they drifted

She, the victim of yet another theft

Snowfall buried her remains beneath

Frozen, rigid ground, she lay dormant

Yet, alive — grieving her losses

Resting, regenerating, recuperating

Then imperceptible color challenged the soil

She reached up and grabbed the dewdrops,

Surprised the evergreens, the discouragers

Proving passion and desire prompt rebirth

With each day she grew, stretching taller

Reaching further, unaware of her potential

Until the rain mirrored her splendor, reflecting

Beauty that always existed, a perennial

The tempest ravished her body — her life

But her devoted heart anchored her roots

Strength grew from drinking her tears

Breathing crisp air, and believing someday . . .


Brenda Mahler

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Brenda Mahler
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