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Solitary Serenade

Echoes of the Soul's Melody

By S.K.VPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In solitude's embrace, I find my own,

Where shadows dance, and silence reigns alone.

Beneath the stars, a universe unknown,

I wander free, in realms of thought I've sown.

No voices pierce this tranquil, sacred space,

Just whispers of the wind, a soft embrace.

In solitude, I find my hidden grace,

And in the stillness, glimpse my truest face.

Alone, yet not lonely, I am complete,

In solitude, my soul finds its retreat.

For in the quiet, life's rhythms repeat,

And in the solitude, my heart finds its beat.

So let me roam these solitary lands,

Where solitude's a friend, not fate's cruel hands.

For in the depths of solitude, I stand,

Alone, yet whole, in this enchanted land.

sad poetry

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