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Sodiq Seyi Awogbemi

Bleeding Hearts

By Islamiatu Seyi AwogbemiPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Sodiq Seyi Awogbemi
Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

In the realm of memories, where shadows dwell,

We gather now, our sorrow to quell.

For Sodiq Seyi Awogbemi, a brother so dear,

His absence a void, forever crystal clear.

Oh, Sodiq, a spirit vibrant and bright,

Your laughter brought warmth, your smile, pure light.

But fate had different plans, so cruel and unkind,

And now we're left with memories, forever confined.

Through the corridors of time, we tread,

Seeking solace in the words left unsaid.

The echoes of your voice, they linger still,

A testament to a bond no time can kill.

Your presence, like a gentle breeze at dawn,

In every heartfelt memory, forever drawn.

Your love, a beacon guiding us through the night,

Illuminating our path, in darkness shining bright.

Though tears may fall, and sorrow may abound,

Your spirit, undying, forever renowned.

In every sunrise that paints the sky anew,

We'll find your essence, in colors pure and true.

Gone from our sight, but not from our hearts,

We'll carry your love as life imparts.

The laughter we shared, the tears we shed,

All the moments together, eternally spread.

As seasons change, and time marches on,

We'll honor your memory, the love we've drawn.

For in our hearts, you'll forever reside,

A cherished brother, with us, side by side.

So, Sodiq Seyi Awogbemi, rest in peace,

In the embrace of eternity's release.

Though you're gone from this world, you're never far,

Forever engraved, like a shining star.

In the tapestry of life, you'll always remain,

A beloved brother, your spirit won't wane.

And as we navigate this path so unknown,

Your love will guide us, till we're called home.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Islamiatu Seyi Awogbemi

i want the reader that will read my stories to be inspired by the different genre that i will used for my writting style.

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