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by faye 8 months ago in performance poetry
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sleeping with someone does not make you a slut.

Feeling happy with your body and taking photos of it does not make you a slut.

being so comfortable as to be able to take a photo of yourself, nude or in underwear; hell even clothed, shows more strength then the trolls who hide behind a screen and call you disgusting names.

Enjoying your body, loving your body, being confident in your body does not make you out to be anything else but happy.

if you want to share with the world the happiness you find within your body, you're allowed to do that.

I’m sorry about the language I used in this caption but i’m tired of the usage of the word “slut” to define females. it’s disgusting how much it’s used and honestly, what someone else does with their body is none of your business. How can you insult someone for loving their body."

performance poetry

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