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Snow Light at Midnight

My Love Confessions of Winter

By Nicole KunefkePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
A cemetery on a snowy winter night by Nicole Kunefke

Daylight wanes as nightfall arrives early and untamed

Everyone snatching favorite scarfs, hats, and mittens to match

Cozy winter nights curled up in fuzzy pajamas by roaring hearths

Evening drives through neighborhoods lit with Christmas colors so bright

Many hours laughing with family, just us three decorating our aging tree

Bravery of something new; Sinterklaas poems and carrots for his horse, too

Eve of Christmas merrily spent with loved ones and Christmas Rock Orchestra

Reveling in their looks of joy and surprise at secret gifts devised


Joyous traditions don't always keep dreary cloudy days at bay

A new home so wonderful yet births a yearning for sunlight

New year, new life; snow lighting up the world at midnight

Under the stars we walk, the scent of chimney fires near and far

A bed of dead acorns beneath our feet, nightly wanderings out of a dream

Risking a fall while ice skating with my lover so tall

Yearly cycle of hopes and wishes begin anew for me and you


Foaming cups of hot cocoa with sweet spices, milk, and marshmallows

Eager pockets waiting for boxes of discounted chocolate

Boiling pots of hearty soups, chili, and gumbo roux

Rumbling thunder in the distance a reminder of winter's persistence

Umbrellas shield against pelting hail and freezing rain without fail

As each day waxes more and more to even the season's score

Ready now for the rustle of butterfly wings, the warm breath of spring

Yearning for that elusive sunlight, a half-year of treasured paradise


My First Seasonal Poem: Shades of Autumn - My Love Letter to Autumn

Many thanks for reading! If any of my poems are to your liking, please feel free to like and share them!

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About the Creator

Nicole Kunefke

Aspiring Fantasy & Horror Writer. Chaotic Night Owl. Freelancer.

My blog where I write all about my immigration from the US to The Netherlands: mydutchimmigration.com

Find me on FB & Twitter: KismetDragoness

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