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Snow Day

A poem by Caitie Lamb

By CaitiePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
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Winter in Kentucky is strange. Weather in Kentucky in general is just plain weird. I walk outside and to my eyes behold! Snow that was packable.

I reach down, cupping snow into a ball with my blushing cold hands.

What is this feeling? What is this urge?

I walk down the ice covered hill, snowfall pushing towards my face.

Why am I doing this? Aren't I too old for this?

I brought my shovel with me, began to collect all I could.

Surely this is a crazy idea! I'm twenty-two about to play in snow!

I hunker down, and start sculpting. Building as much wall as I could.

Where will I end the sides? Do I keep going?

The sky grew darker, the air became colder.

I raise up, a grin appearing on my face.

What I felt was excitement.

I back up to document what I had just created, all by myself.

No, excitement was an understatement.

I felt accomplished, my first real snow fort right before my grown-up eyes.

Winter in Kentucky was beautiful while it lasted.

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