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by Emma Louise 24 days ago in sad poetry

a poem against vulnerability

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

In anticipation,

and with a ragged metal key,

I sliced a mouth in my nylons,

only to find that they’d melded with skin,

and in ripping myself open to you I had unsealed my body,

carelessly peeled it apart.

And when,

through the fresh-teared skin,

came the things that live in the shadows of organs and bones,

the things that are only bearable in darkness,

I watched you turn away as they hit the light.

I threw the room apart in search of anything to fix the snag:

nail polish,


a needle and thread.

But I had forgotten,

in my haste to repossess you,

that my skin is not my stockings,

and the holes I leave are not so easily repaired.

sad poetry

Emma Louise

21 year old grad student just trying to explore her voice through poetry.

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Emma Louise
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