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Smoothness of the Life


By RajuPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

The Smooth way of my development, A growing process in the heart, The water of righteousness is the source of life, When possessed, the essence of the mind endures.

The flower of truth is the fragrance of laughter, That is the original channel of voice, The strength of the beauty, The essence of love between us.

The light of consciousness is a funny picture, That's what humanity is all about, Gentle is the lovely light, A worship of the pervading mind.

Human truth on the smooth path, Behind that path is the joy of living whole, But truth in politeness is the good of life, The enduring importance of politeness is that we adapt.

The beauty of beauty is a wonderful gift, That is the picture of life experience. Devotion to the sweetness of the mind, We are dedicated to being a reflection of grace.


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  • Daphsam5 months ago

    Nicely done, you depicted smooth, very beautifully. 

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