Slowly Falling (In Love)

by D'anna Aaron 6 months ago in love poems

Being free in love

Slowly Falling (In Love)

I'm trying to fall in love with you

I'm trying to show you what I have to offer

I wanna show you my world

You know I'll ride for you

looking at you makes me cry but happy cries

I love when you hold me

I love when you wake me up in the morning kissing my face telling me I'm beautiful

Cooking burnt eggs and kiwi smoothies

I still love the effort

I love the dedication of wanting to love me

I love the cute messages you send to me when I'm working you make my day less stressful something to look forward to

I cook your favorite meal when you come home

I love when we eat out on the balcony and watch the water and the sunset it makes the world less frightening

I love when we take cold showers together and I'm holding you tightly

you holding me like you need me

the bathroom light lowly dim soft low-fi music plays in the background

I look in those soft brown eyes of yours and kiss your lips because you deserve it deserve me

Before we close our eyes you pray for us

you tell me once again I'm beautiful and love me, I watch you sleep peacefully

Damn I'm so happy I feel in love with you

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D'anna Aaron
D'anna Aaron
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