Slam Poem

"Loss" - Asmaa Herzallah

Fresh out of 8th grade,

we started a best-friendship I thought would never fade.

The thought of me with another life long companion

made me feel like nothing else but a champion.

Over the course of more than 3 years, we got closer until her warm heart in California froze over along with Chicago while my heart was, and, still is, burning with affection, appreciation, and even agony.

Because she was one of the reasons I was able to mature and live happily.

Because we always understood each other to a certain degree.

Because when she said she thought the connection wasn’t there anymore after neglecting me when all I did was love her, I couldn’t breathe.

When she told me, I broke.

I read those words through an Instagram DM after I woke from an exhausting nap that swallowed my whole day and spat me out late at night.

Tears started to form in my worn eyes.

“This can’t be right,” I thought.

I was lost.

I learned a life lesson at the cost of losing her.

Not everyone is meant to be in my life,

but it didn’t need to end this way.

Why was the loss of her the price I had to pay to grow?

I guess because trees have to die in the cold in order to revive in the warm.

And I felt my heart died a little.

But when my heart is mended, it will beat stronger.

After I comprehend that she will no longer speak to me.

After I release the memories of her that are deep in me.

After I find the courage to delete all the photos I keep.

After I admit that I’m angry at her and the anger seeps through my skin makes me feel weak.

After I fill my heart so it’s no longer hollow.

After I swallow that nasty pill they call the truth.

She is aloof and this poem is proof.

And this poem is presented to show my resentment and this poem has now ended.

slam poetry
Asmaa Herzallah
Asmaa Herzallah
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