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Sky No. 1

or Blue Aegis

By Reagan Scott WardPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Blue aegis

Firm thunderous father,

and nurturing old man;

the touch of your tears

soothes the aching earth,

whisperss an end to the fires,

calms the windswept swell.

The natural injustices -

I know of them all -

are outrages no longer;

subborn wintry face, yours,

breaks to a springtime

glorious and desirous,

seeking adoration from below.

But bleating beckons the dimness,

that wintry smirk returning,

flashing fleeting white.

A dark presence touches.

The generous earth hardens

and aches once more,

poisoned and lifeless - your doing;

your nature claims the kind

and binds their will

behind cold boundaries

and chilled shields.

But I arise in the gloom,

the dispiriting, mournful morning,

and greet that familiar father --

Blue aegis, now white, soon browned.

Blue aegis, ever-repeating.

nature poetry

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Reagan Scott Ward


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